Instruction videos

If you have lost your password you can request a new password via the tab ‘Forgot password’  button on the login page of the portal. After having entered your email address, you will receive an email with a link with which you can then set a new password.

It is important to periodically check the odometer of the GPS. This position can be edited by selecting the ‘Edit’ tracker option via the three dots behind the relevant tracker, going to sensors and selecting odometer.

The password of your account can easily be changed via the settings menu. You then navigate to the ‘My account’ tab and enter your old password under the heading ‘Change password’ followed by the desired new password in duplicate for verification. Finally, click on ‘save’.

U kunt de geschiedenis op de kaart opvragen voor een specifieke tracker in uw account door naar het tabblad ‘geschiedenis’ aan de linkerkant te gaan. Hier kunt u de tracker, de tijd, de datum specificeren en aangeven wat als stop moet worden gefilterd. Nadat u uw keuze heeft gemaakt, kunt u op ‘tonen’ klikken om de geschiedenis op de kaart te zien. In het tabblad aan de linkerkant worden de gebeurtenissen vervolgens in chronologische volgorde weergegeven en in de balk onder de kaart kun je een grafiek van de trackeractiviteit zien en de route afspelen door snelheid te selecteren en op de afspeelknop te klikken.

You can change the tracker name at the tracker settings section.

You can set a service interval so that you are notified when your vehicle needs service.
You can create a geofence and link it to a notification so that you receive a notification when one of your vehicles enters or leaves a certain area.
You can change the sending time for the stealth tracker, how? watch the video!
You can turn off the car remotely with the immobilizer via the portal
Generate a report of the trips driven with the addresses visited.
You can easily share a tracker via the portal. This is done by generating a partial link where the other can view the location of your tracker.
When you have a manager account you can create sub-accounts and manage access to your trackers.
Easily track events within your fleet and export them in a report. For example when speeding or leaving / entering geofences.
Adjust the time display of your trackers so that daylight saving time / winter time is automatically reflected.
Easily import preconfigured geofences. Download the geofence country pack here: Geofence country pack